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Graduation Awards

Pic of mr buckles

Bob Buckles


The Bob Buckles Resilience Award

Bob grew up in the little cowboy town of Vale, Oregon located in the extreme eastern part of the state close to Southern Idaho near Boise. He attended Gem State Academy and graduated from high school in 1979. While growing up in the Snake River Valley, next to the Northern Rockies he developed a love for science and nature. Whenever possible, he found himself somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Oregon and Idaho. His favorite passions included hiking, camping and downhill skiing. He will be forever missed by his family, friends and his Hillview Family.


This student has shown improvement in a variety of areas during their time at Hillview in the area of grades, behavior, attendance, or all three. Often, they have overcome obstacles of some kind in order to succeed at Hillview.

Student of the Year


This students exemplifies Hillview High School by having good attendance, good grades, and being a role model to others.  They go above and beyond the necessary requirements to graduate.  



This award is given by The Book Club to one outstanding student who gives back to his community.  The student shows integrity, maturity and perseverance.  They are often known for showing outstanding character and for taking action when needed.