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Earning of Credits

Hillview has a variable credit system. Rule of thumb, for every twelve productive days attended, a student has the opportunity to earn one credit for each class in which he/she is enrolled.

PLATO-Online Courses

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Additional Ways to Earn Credits at Hillview

Hillview has the same graduation requirements as the other high schools in the Tustin Unified School District. The high majority of students need to do some things outside the school day to help make up credit.

Listed below are the ways that students can help make up credit.

ØNight School - Student from all over the Tustin Unified School District have an opportunity to make up credits by attending night school which is held here on our campus. Night school runs Monday through Thursday from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00P.M. and again from 4:00PM to 6:00PM

ØWork Experience - Students who have a part-time job can get both their salary and school credit. For each 100 hours worked a student will receive 5 credits. For more information, please contact Mrs. Chavez in the office.

ØCommunity Service Work - Students can receive elective credit for volunteering their time to help out in the community such as the Boys/Girls Club, Library, Church, hospital, etc. Students receive 5 credits for every 60 hours that they volunteer their time. Students need to see Mr. O’Donoghue for the sign-up form and a time card.

ØROP - The Regional Occupational Program offers a wide variety of classes throughout Orange County. These classes are designed to help prepare students for a job in that particular field. Students interested in enrolling need to contact a School Counselor, Nubia Barcelo or Sara Thede. For more information, please go to the ROP website at

Coastline ROP

Our Priorities

Coastline ROP aspires to be recognized by its partner districts as the premier provider of innovative career technical education promoting student engagement, student achievement, and college and career readiness. The strategic priorities below will help us achieve this goal.

1. Increase outreach, communication and collaboration with all stakeholders to convey the value of CTE and ROP.
2. Expand work-based learning opportunities for students.
3. Expand the collection and analysis of data to support the needs of Coastline ROP and its partnering districts.

Strengthen instructional offerings and support student achievement of college and career readiness indicators.


Promote an organizational culture that supports health, safety and life-long learning.


ØSummer School - The high majority of Hillview students need to be enrolled in Summer School that is held in late June and July. Ms. Barcelo will give students Summer School Registration packets in the spring which need to be signed and returned to her. Summer School is not held on the Hillview campus but rather at one of the comprehensive high schools.