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College/Career Pathways Info

College & Career Counseling Information

Community Colleges offer many Career Education Certificate Options as well as Associate in Arts degrees  (A.A)  for students’ post secondary education. 

Below is a list of the 4 local community colleges that Hillview High School seniors can expect to attend in Fall 2023.

For the 2023-2024 school year Hillview will have Representatives from local Community Colleges speaking to Seniors about all the different programs that students can explore.   

Community Colleges will be opening their Fall 2023 Applications for Current seniors on October 1st. Hillview will also have College Application workshops as well as Matriculation workshops for seniors throughout the year to help them Apply. 

Hillview High School seniors will also be  taking community college campus tours.  


College Links:

Irvine Valley College:

Irvine Valley College Career -Education:

Santa Ana College:

Santa Ana Career- Education:

Santiago Canyon College:  Santiago Canyon College

Santiago Canyon College Career- Education:  Career Education Programs

Orange Coast College:

OCC Career Ed :

Provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college & career paths and  enables educators to track their progress.


CALIFORNIA CAREER ZONE can help you choose a goal and make a plan at: 

California Career Zone


COASTLINE ROP (Regional Occupational Program) CLASSES

Students must anticipate a world of rapid change. Research indicates that future members of the workforce will have to communicate effectively and process ever-increasing amounts of information. To be prepared for the job market, students should take classes that extend their basic skills and explore real life experiences. ROP Internship classes provide actual work experience in your field of interest! The following classes are internship related:

  • Animal Health Care Internship

  • Automotive Technology Internship

  • Careers with Children Internship

  • CNA (Pre-Certification Internship)

  • Culinary Arts Internship

  • Dental Assistant Back Office Internship

  • Diversified Service Careers Internship

  • Financial Services Internship

  • Floral Design Internship

  • Hotel & Tourism Internship

  • Medical Assistant Front/Back Office Internship

  • Medical Nursing Careers Internship

  • Retail Sales and Merchandising Internship


Financial Aid Application FAFSA: Application opens October 1st,2023

 How Financial Aid Works

Financial Aid workshops will be offered to Parents and students in November and in February to help students Apply for the FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Mental Health and Wellness Information (currently mental health information please add “and wellness”): 

Per district - Please update for suicide hotline - now 988


Tustin Family & Youth Center Food Distribution programs