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Hawk Pride Award

It is an honor to be selected for the Hillview “Hawk Pride Award”. You are looked upon by the staff as a leader on our campus. You have demonstrated leadership by setting an example with class work, the earning of credits, your respectful manner in the classroom or your willingness to help when and wherever you can.

We are proud of you as a student and individual and hope other students strive to earn the status you have deserved.

Hawk Pride Award-September

Mrs. Combest with Vivian Osterman
Mr. B with Matthew Lopez
Mr. Jennings with Isaac Medrano
Mrs. Chop with Joshua Hernandez
Mr. OD with Pedro Martinez
Mr. E with Troy Fair
Ms. Hastings with Mariana Rojas Dominguez
Mr. Johnson with Mark Bravo
Mrs, Thede with Ruby Herrera
Mr. Buckles with Brian Garcia
Ms. Cardoza with Arwen Gutierez


Bravo, Mark - Mr. Johnson

Fair, Troy - Mr. E

Garcia, Brian - Mr. Buckles

Gutierrez, Arwen - Ms. Cardoza

Herrera, Ruby - Mrs. Thede

Hernandez, Joshua - Mrs. Chop

Lopez, Matthew - Mr. B

Martinez, Pedro - Mr. O'D

Medrano, Isaac - Mr. Jennings

Osterman, Vivian - Mrs. Combest

Rodas, Edin - Mrs. Wetzel (Not Pictured)

Rojas Dominguez, Mariana - Ms. Hastings

Soriano, Liset - Mr. Bramwell (Not Pictured)

Hawk Pride Award-October

Ms. Barcelo with Alondra Garcia Raya
Mr. Ramirez with Chendelle Zuniga
Mrs. Chop with Rosalie Mendoza
Mr. Johnson with Andres Cotoianu
Mrs. Combest with Bryan Cantoran
Mr. E with Joe Fisher
Mr. B with Sunny Hernandez
Mrs. Thede with Jennifer Molina Perez
Mr. Buckles with Christian Oliveros
Ms. Hastings with Albert Osnaya
Ms. Cardoza with Keshawn Deetz


Cantoran, Bryan - Mrs. Combest

Cotoianu, Andres - Mr. Johnson

Deetz, Keshawn - Ms. Cardoza

Fisher, Joe - Mr. E

Garcia Raya, Alondra - Ms. Barcelo

Hernandez, Sunny - Mr. B

Mendoza, Rene - Mr. Bramwell (Not Pictured)

Mendoza, Rosalie - Mrs. Chop

Molina Perez, Jennifer - Mrs. Thede

Oliveros, Christian - Mr. Buckles

Osnaya, Albert - Ms. Hastings

Schilling, Mina - Mr. Jennings (Not Pictured)

Zuniga, Chendrelle - Mr. Ramirez

Hawk Pride Award-November

Mrs. Thede with Yriannis Silverio Torres
Mr. B with Lizeth Rodriguez
Mr. O'D with a Hawk Pride student
Ms. Hastings with Tyler Kraft
Mr. Bramwell with his October Hawk Pride student
Ms. Barcelo with Ever Lopez
Mrs. Chop with Lian Pliego
Mr. E with Luis Flores
Ms. Cardoza with Christian Munoz
Mr. O'D with Arturo Honorato
Mrs. Wetzel with Mathew Horton Pope
Mrs. Combest with Mariana Guerro


Flores, Luis - Mr. E

Guerra, Mariana - Mrs. Combest

Honorato, Arturo - Mr. O'D

Horton Pope, Mathew - Mrs. Wetzel

Kraft, Tylker - Ms. Hastings

Lopez, Ever - Ms. Barcelo

Mena, Brandon - Mr. Johnson

Munoz, Christian - Ms. Cardoza

Pliego, Lian - Mrs. Chop

Ramos, Anthony - Mr. Buckles

Rodriguez, Lizeth - Mr. B

Silverio Torres, Yriannis - Mrs. Thede


Hawk Pride Award-December

Mr. E
Mrs. Chop with Chantelle Beals
Ms. Watts with Marcus Salgado
Mr. Jennings with Gabriel Basilio
Mrs. Combest with Michelle Mendoza
Ms. Barcelo with Priscilla Gutierrez
Mr. O'D with Jackson Chambers
Ms. Hastings with Gabriel Cortez
Mr. Bramwell with Danny Barrera
Mrs. Wetzel with Peter Yu
Ms. Cardoza with Katie Zuniga
Mr. B with Makayla Mena


Barrera, Danny - Mr. Bramwell

Basilio, Gabriel - Mr. Jennings

Beals, Chantelle - Mrs. Chop

Chambers, Jackson - Mr. O'D

Cortex, Gabriel - Ms. Hastings

Garcia, Allarit - Mrs. Thede (Not Pictured)

Gutierrez, Priscilla - Ms. Barcelo

Mena, Makayla - Mr. B

Mendoza, Michelle - Mrs. Combest

Salgado, Marcus - Ms. Watts

Talavera, Alan - Mr. E

Valencia, Emanuel - Mr. Johnson (Not Pictured)

Vargas, Miguel - Mr. Ramirez (Not Pictured)

Yu, Peter - Mrs. Wetzel

Zuniga, Katie - Ms. Cardoza

Hawk Pride Award-January

Mr. Johnson with Jonathan Flores
Ms. Hastings with David Cruz
Mrs. Thede with Allarit Garcia
Mr. E with Uriel Cruz
Mrs. Thede with Samantha Gayton
Mr. Ramirez with Brandon Velazquez
Mrs. Chop with Valerie Carillo
Ms. Barcelo with Nico Gonzalez
Mr. OD with Luis Avila
Mrs. Combest with Christian Ruiz
Mr. Bramwell with Artejah Thompson
Ms. Cardoza and Frank Arcos
Mr. B and Melody Adams


Adams, Melody - Mr. B

Arcos, Frank - Ms. Cardoza

Avila, Luis - Mr. O'D

Carrillo, Valerie - Mrs. Chop

Cruz, David - Ms. Hastings

Cruz, Uriel - Mr. E

Flores, Johnathan - Mr. Johnson

Flores, Lindsay - Mr. Jennings

Gayton, Samantha - Mrs. Thede

Gonzalez, Nico - Ms. Barcelo

Ruiz, Christian - Mrs. Combest

Thompson, Artejah - Mr. Bramwell

Velazquez, Brandon - Mr. Ramirez

Hawk Pride Award-February

Mr. Johnson with James Ruelas
Mr. O'D with Victor Medina
Mr. E with Morelia Vargas
Mr. Bramwell with Abigal Sanchez Medina
Mr. Edgmond with Juan Segura
Ms. Watts with Eddie Zurita
Mrs. Chop with Dreh Gongora
Ms. Barcelo with Ernesto Bastida
Mr. B with Jared Esteban
Mrs. Thede with Edward Garrido
Ms. Cardoza with Bobble Garcia


Bastida, Ernesto - Ms. Barcelo

Esteban, Jared - Mr. B

Garcia, Bobble - Ms. Cardoza

Garrido, Edward - Mrs. Thede

Gongora, Dreh - Mrs. Chop

Medina, Victor - Mr. O'D

Mendoza, Michelle - Ms. Hastings (Not Pictured)

Osterman, Ava - Mr. Jennings (Not Pictured)

Rue, Savannah - Mrs. Valdovinos (Not Pictured)

Ruelas, James - Mr. Johnson

Sanchez Medina, Abigail - Mr. Bramwell

Segura, Juan - Mr. Edgmond

Vargas, Morelia - Mr. E

Zurita, Eddie - Ms. Watts representing Mrs. Combest

Hawk Pride Award-March

Mr. B with Kelsey Martinez
Mr. O'D with Andrea Leon
Mr. E with Jesus Martinez
Mrs. Chop with Luis Garcia
Ms. Cardoza with Deysey Garcia
Mr. Jennings with Geraldin Castro
Mrs. Combest with Destiny Raya
Ms. Hastings with Brawney Zuniga
Mrs. Wetzel with Nelson Ibarra


Arroyo, Valeria - Mr. Bramwell (Not Pictured)

Camacho, Jesus - Ms. Barcelo (Not Pictured)

Castro, Geraldin - Mr. Jennings

Garcia, Deysy - Ms. Cardoza

Garcia, Luis - Mrs. Chop

Ibarra, Nelson - Mrs. Wetzel

Loera, Natalie - Mr. Johnson (Not Pictured)

Martinez, Jesus - Mr. E

Martinez, Kelsey - Mr. B

Leon, Andrea - Mr. O'D

Raya Gutierrez, Destiny - Mrs. Combest

Romero, Gabriel - Mrs. Thede (Not Pictured)

Tandoc, Tyler - Mr. Edgmond (Not Pictured)

Zuniga, Brawney - Mrs. Hastings

Hawk Pride Award-April

Mr. Bramwell with Nate Shyshegar
Mrs. Chop with Priscilla Guzman
Mr. Jennings with Ava Osterman
Ms. Barcelo with Nary Cortes
Ms. Barcelo with Rachel Perez Zuniga
Mrs. Combest with William Ramirez
Mr. B with Krysten Funes
Mr. Jennings with Imanol Salvador
Mr. Edgmond with Felicia Kamara
Mr. Ramirez with Victoria Bernal
Mrs. Combest with Samara Delgado
Ms. Hastings
Ms. Hastings with Jan Lopez
Mr. Edgmond with Nathan Teran
Mr. E with Alexa Calvo Fernandez
Mrs. Wetzel with Damian Ouch
Mrs. Thede with Zee Gongora
Mrs. Thede with Zuraily Covarrubias
Mr. Johnson with Pablo Diaz
Mr. Bramwell with Mia Ayala
Mr. B with Zachary Izquierdo
Ms. Cardoza with Angel Wangenstein
Ms. Cardoza with Merek Hernandez


Ayala, Mia - Mr. Bramwell

Bernal, Victoria - Mr. Ramirez

Bravo, Nataly - Ms. Hastings (Not Pictured)

Calvo Fernandez, Alexa - Mr. E

Cortes, Nery - Ms. Barcelo

Covarrubias, Zuraily - Mrs. Thede

Delgado, Samara - Mrs. Combest

Diaz, Pablo - Mr. Johnson

Funes, Krysten - Mr. B

Garcia, Joey - Mr. E (Not Pictured)

Gongora, Zee - Mrs. Thede

Guzman, Priscilla - Mrs. Chop

Hernandez, Merek - Ms. Cardoza

Izquierdo, Zachary - Mr. B

Kamara, Felicia - Mr. Edgmond

Lopez, Jan - Ms. Hastings

Ouch, Damian - Mrs. Wetzel

Perez Zuniga, Rachel - Ms. Barcelo

Ramirez, William - Mrs. Combest

Salvador, Imanol - Mr. Jennings

Shisaegar, Nate - Mr. Bramwell

Teran, Nathan - Mr. Edgmond

Vences, Jorge - Mrs. Chop (Not Pictured)

Wangenstein, Angel - Ms. Cardoza