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Discipline Points Policy

Hillview High School’s Discipline Points Policy

·        Students begin their time at Hillview with 0 Discipline Points.  

·        If a student commits an infraction, the assigned Discipline Point value of the infraction will be documented in his or her           discipline log. 

·        When student accrues 5 points, the parents will be called and notified. 

·        If a student accrues 10 Discipline Points, a parent conference will be required to discuss infraction or infractions, and                 parents, and students will be reminded of 20 Discipline Point transfer policy.   A contract will be signed.

·        If a student accrues 20 Discipline Points, she or he may be transferred from Hillview.

·        Tustin Unified School District’s discipline policy supersedes Hillview’s discipline policy.

20 Points

Category 1:


1.      Fighting/Assault

2.      Selling Drugs

3.      Possession of a Weapon

10 Points



1.      Possession of or Ingestion of  Alcohol/Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia

2.      Threatening/Confrontation/Intimidation at Staff

3.      Tobacco/Vape Paraphernalia or Smoking

4.      Possession of or Lighting of Fireworks

5.      Possession of Illegal Contraband (pornography, etc.)

6.      Sexual Harassment

7.      Stealing

8.      Major Vandalism


5 Points



1.      Defiance/Insubordination (Includes Refusing to give Phone to Staff)

2.      Disrespect

3.      Leaving Campus without Permission

4.      Major Profanity

5.      Minor Vandalism

6.      Leaving Classroom without Teacher’s Permission


2 Points



1.      Class Disturbance

2.      Personal Electronics Device Policy Violation

3.      Minor Profanity

4.      Dress Code Violation