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5 Burroughs Book Club


The Five Burroughs Book Club, a group of Tustin philanthropic men and women, adopted Hillview in the fall of 2016.  Many of the club members had participated in the Senior Exit Interview panel over the years and realized the potential of students at Hillview. Wanting to become involved, they began by meeting with small groups of students to inform them about a greater variety of college and career paths and offer them mentor support. Over the last five years, their involvement has grown to include participation in our annual Hawk Games, assisting individual students in applying for college and FAFSA, speaking at Hillview’s annual Career Day, sitting on People of Success Panels, and continuing to sit on the Senior Exit Interview panels.  A specialized group of these volunteers are focusing on seniors transitioning from high school to college. Some members have even accompanied students to college campuses for orientation, placement tests, and registration for fall classes.  In the Spring of 2018, they held the first annual Five Burroughs Book Club golf tournament.  There they raised a significant amount of money to enhance school activities and be distributed in the form of scholarships for students. Scholarships assist students in paying for tuition and in obtaining materials such as books and computers needed to further their education. 

Book Club group members